When Lightning Strikes – Be Ready! Surge Protectors – Northern GA.

surge-protection-320x200Power surges happen frequently in the Northern Atlanta Metro Area. Though we often think of lightning as the main cause, power surges can also be caused by power company faults, car accidents and even malfunctioning appliances. APEC Electrical Contractors can keep you and your belongings safe with power surge protection. We look forward to meeting you, discussing your surge protection concerns and providing exceptional service that provides both safety and peace of mind.

What types of surge protectors do we offer?

  • Whole house surge protection
  • Direct lightning protection
  • Lightning surge monitoring systems
  • Surge diverters
  • Power line filters
  • Computer, data, and telecom protection
  • Power conditioning systems
For more information about our surge protection capabilities call 770-720-0419. Our skilled electricians look forward working with you!

What makes APEC Electrical Contractors The Brightest in the Business when it comes to surge protectors?

  • Experience – Proudly protecting North GA homes and businesses since 1999.
  • Innovation – We offer the most innovative surge protection products and services.
  • Timeline – Surge protection projects completed on time and on budget.
  • Customer Service – Smart, respectful electricians who will exceed your expectations.
  • The APEC Mission – An unwavering commitment to excellence.


Look what we did! Our gallery shows a sampling of completed projects to give some  insight into what APEC Electric can do for YOU.