Electrical Questions? APEC Electric Have Answers! Serving Northern GA.

Do you have an electrical question? APEC Electrical Contractors want to provide answers that keep you and your family safe, and your home electrical systems functioning properly. Here are some kitchen electrical outlet guidelines from the experienced electricians at APEC Electric: 

  • ask-an-electrician-225x225Electrical receptacles in a kitchen used to serve counter tops should be supplied with at least two 20 amp branch circuits, for small appliances.
  • Each fixed appliance, including refrigerators, stoves and dishwashers, needs its own dedicated circuit.
  • On counter tops 12 inches or wider, a receptacle needs to be installed so that there is no more than 24 inches between outlets.
  • Receptacles outlets installed to serve island counter tops shall be installed above, or within 12 inches below the countertop. There shall be no more than 24 inches from center line of countertop.
  • No receptacle shall be installed face up on a sink counter top.
  • All 15 and 20 receptacles installed within 6 feet of a kitchen sink or wetbar shall have G.F.C.I. protection.
Need to talk to a professional electrician about your kitchen outlets? Give APEC a call at 770-720-0419. We look forward to answering all your electrical questions!

What sets APEC Electrical Contractors apart as “The Brightest in the Business” for residential electrical services?

  • Experience – The residential electrician of Northern GA since 1999.
  • Innovation – We offer the newest, most innovative products and services.
  • Timeline – Projects completed on time and on budget.
  • Customer Service – respectful, clean cut electricians who will exceed your expectations.
  • APEC Mission – An unwavering commitment to excellence.


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