Electrical Advice From Expert Electricians In North Georgia

call-an-electrician-300x300Do you have a question that is making you wonder  “Do I need an electrician?” APEC Electrical Contractors wants to keep you and your family safe, and your home electrical systems functioning properly. Here are some guidelines from the experienced electricians at APEC Electric.  

It’s time to call an electrician when:

  • Your have overloaded outlets in the back of your electronics center.
  • Your receptacle outlets are overburdened by multi-plug strips.
  • Your three-prong plug needs a two-prong adapter.
  • You have to run extension cords to plug in electrical devices.
  • You are resetting circuit breakers too often.
  • You are frequently changing fuses.
  • Your lights dim when you turn on the AC.
  • Your lights flicker or turn on and off.
  • You can smell your electricity.
Need to speak to professional electrician? Give APEC Electric a call at 770-720-0419. We look forward to answering all your electrical questions!

What sets APEC Electrical Contractors apart as “The Brightest in the Business” for residential electrical services?

  • Experience – The residential electrician of Northern GA since 1999.
  • Innovation – We offer the newest, most innovative products and services.
  • Timeline – Projects completed on time and on budget.
  • Customer Service – respectful, clean cut electricians who will exceed your expectations.
  • APEC Mission – An unwavering commitment to excellence.


Look what we did! Our gallery shows a sampling of completed projects to give some  insight into what APEC Electric can do for YOU.