Schedule An Electrical Inspection For Your Home Or Business – Northern GA

electrical-inspection-320x200Is your wiring safe and functional? It’s easy to take electrical wiring for granted because it’s hidden in walls, beneath floors and above ceilings. However, wiring problems often begin in the places hardest to see. APEC Electrical Contractors will complete a wiring inspection for your home or business so that you can be sure that all wires and connections are in good working condition.

An electrical inspection from APEC Electric is a thorough process that considers all wiring and electrical components, including:

  • Circuit Panels
  • Lights and switches
  • GFCI and convenience outlets
  • Wired Smoke Detectors
  • Outdoor wiring
For more information or to schedule an electrical inspection call 770-720-0419. Our skilled electricians look forward completing your inspection to keep your home or business safe, functional and up to electrical code.

When it comes to inspections, what makes APEC Electrical Contractors The Brightest in the Business?  

  • Experience – Performing safety inspections throughout Northern GA since 1999.
  • Timeline – Electrical inspections completed on time and on budget.
  • Customer Service – Knowledgeable, respectful electricians.
  • The APEC Mission – An unwavering commitment to excellence.


Look what we did! Our gallery shows a sampling of completed projects to give some  insight into what APEC Electric can do for YOU.